Here at Lucky Find Hospitality, we provide full service management, sales & marketing for the world's coolest & most unique lodging experiences AND WE DO IT ALL ON PERFORMANCE, SO THERE ARE NO RETAINER FEE’S.

Our goal will always be to find the solution that works best for you. Your not cookie-cutter and neither are we… Having flexible partnership models to fit your unique needs is what we do best.

Partnership Benefits

As a partner of Lucky Find, you become part of our family and our dedicated team literally becomes your dedicated team. Our family is now a growing team of over 60 tenured hospitality professionals working out of 20 different countries around the world.

Our expertise is in hospitality but our passion is in those remarkable gem-in-the-rough experiences that we know will shine brighter than anything else out there, with just a bit of polish.

We offer absolutely everything your property needs including:

  • Strategic Public Relations

  • Brand Development

  • Dedicated Social Media Management

  • Branding Strategy & Identity Development

  • Targeted Outbound Marketing

  • Hospitality Specific Consultation

  • Global Sales Representation

  • Tools for Successful Management

  • Revenue Management & Growth

  • Inbound Lead Management

  • Outbound Lead Generation

  • Marketing & CRM Platform


...And we offer all of this with zero retainer cost.


OUr team is your team!

Partner Properties

Once a partnership forms, our team becomes an extension of yours. Learn more about how we can help you build your vision. We offer everything from full property management to comprehensive sales & marketing services. Working with each property’s onsite-team, we help achieve specific goals associated with operations, domestic & international market expansion, new revenue stream development and conversion of inbound RFP’s. 


Explore further & embrace immersive travel.

We're bringing discovery & adventure back to the foreground of the Hospitality Industry by giving our partner properties the credibility & accessibility they deserve.

Here’s how it works…

The members of our team, over 60 global hospitality gurus, expert partners and a savvy executive team, become an extension of your team!...  You get dedicated rock stars with years of industry experience, fostering all aspects of your business…

...Basically, you get a full blown management, sales & marketing team working for you, EXCLUSIVELY ON PERFORMANCE, so if we don’t book business for you, you don’t owe a penny!

Sound cool?...  Well we think what YOU’RE doing is cool and we would be so stoked to partner with you!! 


your success is our success!